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Fallout Themed Cupcakes! [I'M TOO HYPE TO STOP] : Fallout

I'm SO excited for the release and I keep on thinking about having a big, extravagant Fallout themed party. So I started doodling and came up with.

How to make Mirelurk Cakes from Fallout 3 |

CookFiction is a recipe library for foods that have been inspired by works of fiction. Our goal is to bring people of all walks of life together to the same table to eat good food, stretch their imaginations, and have fun.

Fallout 4 Dirty Wastelander Cocktail

You've played Fallout now make your very own Fallout 4 Dirty Wastelander Cocktail at home.

Great Site for Fallout Templates

A few of my collection squeezed into one frame. just so that I know, who here would donate to my kickstarter campaign for a fallout web series when I start raising money? this is stuff I put togeth.