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The Pendulum Of The Mind -

The Pendulum Of The Mind -

sociopath fakes harassment calls from ex wife - Have Prankex send her an anonymous hand-written letter by mail.

sweet lord aint it the truth

So sad... and the children suffer.  in the end it is the bond between mother and child that is broken.  just wait and see..these children are very bright and can see through her bull

"If a woman is angry against her child's other parent, she cannot fathom, nor condone to see the child is happy with their them. It is treason if the child also loves his new step-mother. T calls it the "Golden Uterus Complex"

My ex girlfriend did the same thing to me over and over again cuz she knew how it hurt me

always remember the issue is THEM.

Got it Tiffany? You should be supporting the relationship between Amiee and Justin, not ripping it apart. Don't be upset when we have to take you to court when you break court orders.

We could never see my sd unless there was a court order, and on the off chance that we were allowed it would only be for a very short, controlled time determined by bm.

Stalking me won't change how your life is.

How many months were we denied visitation for a made up reason, then called dead beats and accused of not caring and told to give her up entirely?

Anthonys mother and grandmother love to call my husband a deadbeat.

This kills me and breaks my heart.. bitches..

Only valid reason is if they present a danger. Not cos ur a selfish bitch

Pretty sad your trying to add me on Fb with fake profiles... Created in 2015 and have no friends! 3rd one in a month, keep it up....I won't add them, get a life bitch! ✌️

Still happy sweetheart. Sorry yours is miserable

Love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but pretty freakin funny.