Let yourself move to the next chapter in life when the time comes. Don’t remain stuck on the same page. (via The Life Guide)

This was my background screen for a while, now I have a new one, still relating to books :)

Books are proof that humans can work magic - paraphrase of Carl Sagan quote


I have decided to find myself a home in the mountains, somewhere high up where one learns to live peacefully in the cold and the silence.

Interiores #74: Poderoso el chiquitín

✯ The interior of Chetham’s Library in Manchester, England; the oldest library in the country.✯

Chetham’s Library, Manchester, England: the oldest free public reference library in the United Kingdom. The library has been in continuous use since Image by Tom Jeffs.

The Fault in our stars

Espresso minutes from now! Enjoy a delightful coffee. Why is it not cappuccino time? I want to get this tasty beverage