I've been homesick for too darn long. "Then she knew that you could be homesick for people too. (by Beau Taplin)"

I really like such black and white photos showing love between people it's shows the depth of the moment

forehead kisses over any other kisses. // this picture reminds me of you. i miss your stupid forehead kisses and your lingering hugs.

moments with you.

Photo (Dreaming In blue)

LOL, I SO DO stuff like this . Id be running my fingers through his hair scratching his back or rubbing his neck while I did it too! I cant keep my hands to myself, Ive gotta touch people I love!

II <3 II

i started working on some raw files. ive been thinking of this theme for a while now, but havent gotten p. favorites and lovely things


I saw them first on the train, and immediatly thought that they were a couple. But after watching them for a while, one could see that they were evidently best friends.

"Finally" Teaser Poster - Hothouse Flower by Krista & Becca Ritchie

My passion is not photography. I live in a colorful world, but my mind is filled with classical music and black and white photography. Disclaimer: I do not own any of the photos posted unless otherwise stated .

OMG-Everything about this wedding is perfect to me.the dress, her hair, outdoors, casual, early evening into night time rager.

Joanna Kitchener is a wedding and engagement photographer from the UK who loves to tell stories through her photography. Together with her husband and fellow photographer Dylan, she takes phenomenal couple pictures.