Fall is our favourite time of the year! We post some warm and cozy pictures of all things fall and halloween!

Travel in the forest woods in the fall autumn with friends backpacking hiking like a boho bohemian hippie


Making time for downtime can be as simple of writing in a journal outdoors with a steaming cup of tea.

Now this is a bizarre amalgamation of the holy and the profane. Coffee/tea, books, and bed are the quintessence of so much that is good in the world, but WE DON'T USE BOOKS AS COASTERS OR SAUCERS!

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coffee in bed

reading in bed and coffee


cozy up in bed with tea, book, and of course, a cat

tea, sweater blanket and The good book.

Art Symphony: Loungewear Love Someone find these for me

soft, thick warm socks for around my chilly home.

Slouchy socks and teacup drinks nails girl autumn bed tea sweater socks

Dog, sweater, blanket, book What else except maybe a cup of hot coffee

Favorite fall feeling: cozy sweaters for winter!

grey mornings, dried flowers, comfiest new leggings


stack to go.

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