Paris rooftops - wish I had a roof Paris

adrenaline? yes, please

Thought cliff diving would be a good thing to cross off the bucket list.


Jumping of a cliff bets friends deep blue sea

Dinner on a rooftop

rooftop brunch w friends


Beards, lakes, and summer.

Life on the Lakes Kinfolk

A picnic on the lake, in the boat on the lake.

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To live a hippie lifestyle

The one time I went ( I fell in love with sailboats. The wind and spray of the water was magical.

strawberry picking in summer with hunters.

strawberry picking in summer with hunters. Or anything-picking! Organic farms that allow you to eat as you go!

Searching for waves.

Awesome campsite 2 in a VW


At the zoo! I got a special tour at our zoo, where I was able to feed giraffes, orang utans varis, kattas and elephants.

Paris by Hedda Selder


Perfect date night. Star gazing in the back of the truck. with a picnic and the love of my life.

Late night walks // talking // staying up until sun arrives //

Afternoon tea out in the country

Hollister Hovey: "My Open Love Letter to Men's Vogue" Picnic.