Anti-Social Humor

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Aren't you tired of today's social hype? We are expected to be social everywhere, online as well as offline, at work and at home. Help! I want to walk around naked at home, and I want to be able to fart when nature calls. Life is the same shit all the time - it's just a different day. It's time for a reality check and here you have some cool anti-social humor and the world's first anti-social network. Take a stand. Dare to be you!
Matt Damon says he’s going to stop using the toilet.

Matt Damon Going on Toilet Strike—to Raise Awareness About Clean Water Access

Hot Air Balloon.

Giant Ass Hot Air Balloon OMG, next time you think you have a big butt . remember this balloon! Literally full of hot air!

Dental Care.

★♥★ Would You Go To This Dentist? a If you want to save a few bucks on dentist expenses, you might want to visit this guy. It might not be as pleasant as you'd think though! Your insurance won't cover it.

Social or Anti-Social?

Like a bowl of Fruit Loops Swimmers wait for the gush of a manmade tide in a salty swimming pool dubbed ‘China's Dead Sea’ in Daying County, China, Aug. More than 1 million swimmers are expected at the swimming resort this summer.


Image of a hot Israeli female soldier in a bikini standing confidently at the beach in Tel Aviv IDF issued assault rifle casual.

Aren't you tired of today's social hype? Be social online, offline, at work, at home everywhere. It's time for a reality check with some cool anti-social humor and, why not, an anti-social network.

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Dead Girls Don't Say No.

There's an App for That - Dead Girls Don't Say No - Apple Genius Bar Necrophilia ---- best hilarious jokes funny pictures walmart humor fail

No Senior Citizen Discounts.

Funny pictures about Senior Citizen Discounts. Oh, and cool pics about Senior Citizen Discounts. Also, Senior Citizen Discounts.