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Old Doors in the Garden. salvaged door in the garden. I've seen them used beautifully as garden gates or as trellises for vines. Either way, I think they're completely charming and perfect for a shabby chic or English country garden.

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DIY concrete mushrooms: Plastic bowl, large paper cup and Pam! my paycheck will be spent on concrete!

Rubber Door Mats pressed into a concrete mold and later removed, to make stepping stones!  There are lots of other fabulous concrete projects on this page!

Creative Concrete Projects::Rubber Door Mats pressed into a concrete mold to make stepping stones! Lots of other fabulous concrete projects on this page!

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Clever gardening upcycling idea: use an old chair as a garden trellis for peonies

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Birdhouses made with garden tools birds birdhouse wildlife reuse recycle garden tools doorknob feeder shovel

Alice in Wonderland themed Teapot water fountain!

This is the most awesome idea ever!Make Your Own Alice In Wonderland Garden Spot Shopping list: Old tree stump or fake tree to hide the pump and tubes. reservoir of water and Tea pots.

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26 Wine Bottle Crafts To Surprise Your Guests Beautifully homeshetics decor - Homesthetics - Inspiring ideas for your home.

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Rustic Birdhouse Ideas rustic bird houses and feeders new this spring rustic recycled .


Old teapot turned spout down (which will make sure any water drains) in the garden for bird nests.clever art in the garden. "BEST GARDEN IDEA EVER.looking for chipped teapots @ garage sales now!


An old enamel pot with a lid and some chain, turns into nice bird feeder for the garden.

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DIY: Milk Jug Scoop For The Garden A handy potting soil scoop can be made from a half-gallon milk jug. Just trace the design you want and cut it out with scissors or a utility knife.

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thrift store spoons, dipped in chalkboard paint, turned into plant markers for the herb garden/ no longer available. black outdoor paint with white paint.chalk seems far to temporary

Låt fågelholken bli ett härligt inslag i din trädgård. Här är 17 roliga, knasiga och annorlunda holkidéer som sätter fart på kreativiteten.

wine barrel birdhouse--if the birdie police stop us--because we are flying crooked and crazy--it's because what was left in the bottom of the wine barrel--ha please don't take us to birdie jail--