Fredrik Reinius

Fredrik Reinius

Stockholm, Sweden  ·  He's ten feet tall and fires lightning from his arse!
Fredrik Reinius
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A City without Trees and Plants , It's Norilsk, Russia . Due To High Metal Content , The City is counted one of the most Polluted cities across the Globe. For more travel Updates/Offers and Interesting Stuffs be connected to Travel Universally

Hopefully, this too, stays in Vegas.

"Houses and streets in bustling Las Vegas, Nevada are seen in this image from the commercial IKONOS satellite taken in September of (IKONOS image GeoEye) Even houses and streets begin to look like circuit boards (Cora Clarke for Zine Brief)

Warwick Davis & Carrie Fisher

Chewbacca Actor Peter Mayhew Unloads Stockpile of Star Wars Set Photos: "The most luscious princess in the galaxy and an 11 year old Warwick Davis. I want to be an 11 year old Warwick Davis.

Why Bigger Cities Are Greener

Bigger Cities are greener? population growth leads to emission growth.

NYC Planning making comprehensive waterfront plan a legal reality.

NYC Planning making comprehensive waterfront plan a legal reality.

Legalize Skyscrapers

DC Data Centers Washington DC Data Centers –Washington DC Colocation – Cloud Computing: DataCenterAndColocation is a colocation consulting firm. If you are looking for Reston colocation…

Bad Zoning Can Ruin Your Kid's Life

A new report examines the link between standardized test scores and restrictive zoning regulations.