Boulders and firepits

How to design and build a custom fire pit for your outdoor patio with backyard firepit design plans, photos, DIY ideas and custom material brands.

~Willow-weave path

Curved path in veggie garden. —MM Willow-weave path at RHS Harlow Carr. Pinner will be making a similar path but with rods of forsythia.

Vit rabatt (samplantering) uppbyggd av buskar, fin i halvskugga: runda bollar av vidjehortensia, glesare spiror av vipphortensia, buxbom, funkior med mera.

Garden design: Buro Robert Broekema- Amsterdam Layout of the garden: Van Raaijen Hoveniers - Almere Limelight Like and Annabelle hydrangeas with variegated hostas, box woods, maple, and bamboo?

Finnish summer cottage

On the Sea Finnish summer cabin/cottage. My family's is right on the beach a 3 minute walk across the sand dunes to the Baltic sea.