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In one form or another, contemporary sociological theories of gender generally begin with the assertion that gender is a social construct, but what does that…
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Views on how far the country has come on gender equality differ widely by gender and by party, 2020 Source: Pew Research Center
Majority of Americans say gender equality is very important, whether they identify as feminists or not, 2020 Source: Pew Research Center
Gender Gap in Poverty Rates over a Lifetime  Percentage of People Living in Poverty  Source: U.S. Census Bureau

Gender: Measurements of Equality

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An interesting intertext to consider J. Howard Miller’s "Rosie The Riveter – We Can Do It!" poster for the War Production Co-Ordinating Committee. While the iconic image of Rosie the Riveter challenges the stereotypical view of women as confined to the domestic sphere, this similiar looking ad for Tide appears to be reinforcing the connection between women and domesticity.
In the early 19th century, a new way of thinking about women and their so-called “natural” duties and inclinations began to take shape. Prominent among these incipient ideas was that women are most virtuous when they are competent in the domestic sphere. Historians dubbed this new way of thinking The Cult of True Womanhood and echoes of it endure to this day. Take this ad for Jell-O Pudding Tarts. The premise behind it is that while women...
In the early 19th century, a new way of thinking about women and their so-called “natural” duties and inclinations began to take shape. Prominent among these incipient ideas was that women are most virtuous when they are competent in the domestic sphere. Historians dubbed this new way of thinking The Cult of True Womanhood and echoes of it endure to this day. This advertisement for Total from the General Mills company works with the premise that cleaning the home is women's work.

Gender: Women & Domesticity

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"There a whole handful of reasons to try new Tame" [click on this image to find a short video and analysis of the frequency of rape jokes on prime time television]
"It's daring. It's audacious. It's the bolder look in shirts. You never know what results you'll get until you try!" 1949.  Van Heusen's advertising campaigns were not subtle in their efforts to associate their shirts with patriarchal power.
Broomsticks Slacks Advertisement, Playboy Magazine, October 1970.  This advertisement for pants is a illustrates the tendency among advertisers to depict women as subservient and submissive vis-a-vis men.

Gender: Women & Submissiveness

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What people think gender is: boy/girl. What gender actually is: Malleable social construct. Artist: Based on work by @blessthismess
[click on this image to find two short clips and an analysis of Judith Butler's theory of gender and performativity]

Gender: Gender Identity/Gender Expression

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...while trying to make those choices for you.  A: "So if you're such a feminist, why do you shave?" B: "If you're such a feminist, why do you think that's any of your business?"  Artist: Naoise Dolan
People treat your choices like headline news... "Woman doesn't shave own hair off own body!!"  Source: Naoise Dolan
What should bodies look like? What kind of body counts as attractive? There is a persistent misconception that people are somehow genetically predisposed to be attracted to particular body types, but it's not so simple. Preferences for fat or skinny bodies--whether it pertains to what one seeks in a partner or what one seeks for themselves--have varied over time and space. But so too have ideas about what marks a body as officially too fat or too skinny.  This advertisement...

Gender: Beauty Standards & Bodies

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In 1925, when astronomers believed stars to be made of heavy elements, a 25 year old student named Cecilia H. Payne wrote a revolutionary doctoral dissertation. She claimed that our Sun, all stars, and thus the universe itself, were composed mainly of hydrogen.  Henry Norris Russell, the leading contemporary expert on stellar spectra, dismissed the young woman’s thesis as “impossible”, but four years later published a paper of his own announcing the exact same conclusions...Source: bwareofimages
NASA Astronaut Christina Hammock Koch and NASA Astronaut Jessica Meir made history on October 18, 2019, by conducting the first all-woman spacewalk outside the International Space Station (ISS). The Expedition 61 flight engineers ventured into the vacuum of space at 7:38 a.m. EDT to swap out a failed power controller that regulates the batteries used to collect and distribute power to the orbital laboratory--a task that took a total of seven hours and 17 minutes to complete.

Gender: Women in STEM

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The Mujeres Libres (Free Women) of Spain emerged as a way to empower women. Responding to sexism and classism, they set up literacy programs, technical classes, and social studies. They ran a hospital, which provided birth & post-natal care for women, as well as classes on child & maternal health, birth control & sexuality. They helped to establish rural collectives with anarchists & created networks of women anarchists. They even checked out reports of sexist behavior.--Barcelona, Spain,   1936
The women pictured are, from left to right, Elizabeth Moku, Alice Cho, Katherine Lowe, and Hilda Van Gieson. The photo was taken during a training exercise for female civilian workers at Pearl Harbor during World War II.

Gender: Women as Warriors

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"Listen to me. Gender is a construct, society is a construct, money is a construct. But bedtime is very, very real."  Artist: Will McPhail
Sociologist at a gender reveal party  h/t Henry Zonio

Gender: Gendering Children/Gender Reveal Parties

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"Roses are red Gender is performative Mass market romance is heteronormative," found in a women’s restroom at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz in Germany

Gender: Performativity/Performance

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In honor of Valentine's Day, what's the most obvious thing you've ever been mansplained about? ~ @J_Dot_J At a NASA Earth meeting 10 years ago, a white male post doc interrupted me to tell me that I didn't understand human drivers of fire, that I def needed to read McCarty et al. Looked him in the eye, pulled my long hair back so he coulc read my name tag. 'I'm McCarty et al.' ~ @jmccarty_geo
People who can't detect irony  A: "You need to stop being confrontational." B: "You mean it's rude to shove advice in people's faces!" A: "Yes!! Exactly!"  Artist: Naoise Dolan
“I know some women think I’m sexist but I’ve thought about it a LOT and I don’t think I am  I find it so NARROW-MINDED how women don’t UNQUESTIONINGLY AGREE WITH ME.”  ~ @mansplain  Artist: Naoise Dolan

Gender: Mansplaining

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a phenomenon in which negative characteristics ascribed to men (e.g., insatiable sex drives, competitiveness, 'natural' aggression) are offered as acceptable justifications of men's dominance over women. Citation: Wade and Ferree. 2015. Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions. Norton.
Believing "hey what if women aren't as smart as men?" is some *radical new thought* you're *shaking up the system* by proposing is .... weird. It's like strolling into a meeting on "the future of transportation in America" and saying "have you considered the automobile?" Then getting really upset when nobody acknowledges you as the fucking savior of the whole industry with your radical insights. ~ @Mc_Heckin_Duff
"The thing is, it's patriarchy that says men are stupid and monolithic and unchanging and incapable."

Gender: Exculpatory Chauvinism

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Gender: Fragile Masculinity/Toxic Masculinity

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