Once you’ve got your suit figured out, you can pick the best shoes to go with it. | 25 Life-Changing Style Charts Every Guy Needs Right Now

Once you've got your suit figured out, you can pick the best shoes to go with it.

How to pick the perfect pair of shoes for every color suit Read more: www.alles für den Gentleman - www.


David Gandy is a true model of men's style and is the go-to guy for raw British inspiration. See how and why David Gandy's style inspires so many men!

Good fit.

Men's Brown Plaid Overcoat, Brown Suit, White Crew-neck T-shirt, Burgundy Leather Dress Boots

Men's Fashion

I think I might have a thing for beards and long hair. Always long hair, but maybe beards?

"I think we should eat ice cream and watch a vampire show." #mystayathomeboyfriend

Look at that beard! What a beard! A good beard! Oh yeah I like that beard!

The look of this man, beard and plugs with that old fashioned charisma and eyes to stare into for days, delicious in every way! Dahlhaus by Esra Sam Photography

Old school, forever in style

Everything but the hat. Just not a hat guy. The elbow patches more than make up for it, though.

Blue Strip Shirt. Navy Scarf.

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Constructed in a supremely soft herringbone weave, the focal point of this sport coat is its distinct and vibrant blue, offering your look the ultimate sartorial centerpiece.

Ohh la la. David Gandy in classy, grey suit. JAK & JIL

let's embrace Mens Fashion Week in London. we are going to get a whole lot of eye candy from dapper dapper men rocking some major style. This is model David Gandy.