Mini Loaf Favors (egg or not)

Lemon Loaf (with Zucchini): Mini Loaf Favors

Lemon Loaf (with Zucchini): Mini Loaf Favors - recipe (I'm in LOVE with the packaging on this as well.

Tea bag cookies

Sablés Sachets de Thé A Devorer: Tea Boogies

For a tea shower- tea bag cookies - cute idea but the recipe is in French. Looks like shortbread cookie dipped in chocolate shaped into tea bag

Pistachio cake

Long ago I made a Baltimore cake (egg whites only) and added chopped pistachio nuts. Memory says, "Best Cake Every!" Kitchen Trial and Error: baked's aunt sassy cake [pistachio cake with vanilla honey buttercream]

Pretty cakes! // Linda Lomelino

Naked layer cake with DIY bunting topper, coconut cake topped with garden roses & cupcakes displayed on different tiered cake stands for an awesome dessert table idea.

Caramel an Raspberry Crepe Cake

Dusky Caramel and Raspberry Crêpe Cake

dusky caramel and raspberry crepe layer cake. mostly I'm pinning this a) it looks good and b) There is a crepe recipe in there that I'm pretty sure is the real deal, none of this rubbery thin pancake stuff.


This was the final result of all that research from this board! Haha, took 10 long weeks from concept to final production, but I couldn't be happier with how my senior project turned out. See the rest at Design

Red Velvet

Red Velvet Cake Recipe with Cream Cheese Frosting

A classic red velvet cake recipe - moist, delicious, and a deep red color. Top with thick, tangy cream cheese icing for a picture-perfect red velvet cake.

Via Signe Sugar

Fondant Lettering for Your Wedding Cake

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Baking with Muji moulds

Bake a cake with Muji magic

Little cakes in the shape of a house - Muji molds fabulous-food-drinks quotes