Jai Thornell: Är du redo för transformationen?

By Mary Ryerse - The future of professional learning is bright when its focused on these four transformational design principles.

Krönika: Uppvaknandens resa

Hipster young girl with backpack enjoying sunset on peak of foggy mountain. Tourist traveler on background view mockup. Hiker looking sunlight in trip in Spain country, mock up text.

10 steg till god karma

10 steg till god karma

Jai Thornell: Vi behöver inga skydd!

Beautiful woman in white dress embracing the golden sunshine glow of sunset with arms outspread and face raised in sky enjoying peace, serenity in nature

Vi kommer alla hem! - Nära

Lavoro Palermo What really matters. x Verily Anderson

Lyssna på Nära Radio! Avsnitt 19: Universum

Lyssna på Nära Radio! Avsnitt 19: Universum

Jai Thornell: Du skapar själv din verklighet

You need the relevant life hacks to keep you going, save time, save some cash and to get past whatever challenge that comes your way.