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gold liner over black liner.

gold liner over black liner- Reminds me of Cinna's eyeliner in The Hunger Games.


I love it.I hear people say how they hate it here, but they don't plan to leave either.

110% every day

As Coach Medlen would say "you gotta get outta your comfort zone to grow" give it 110 percent and you'll be there

omg omg

There is 1 tip to buy these shoes: pink heels bow bow heels hifh heels high heels pink heels cute high heels pink high heels pink bow bows hot pink platform.

Lindz you would love these!!!!

Pink straws with moustaches! Just cut the moustache out of black paper and add it to the straw! Super funny for a party and doesn't take a lot of time :)


filled ten books with all the negitivity from my place of work. C lo said it best, im saying it loud "fuck you"


"the kiss, was it spontaneous or was it staged?"the kiss was completely spontaneous. he said the nurse was 'the bee's knees' and he was absolutely in love with her. the kiss was a symbol of true love and joy that the war was over." -Letters to Juliet

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