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K & H Interiors - Dining table and sideboard styling: gallery wall, green plants, personal objects, wishbone chairs, Love it!

The IVAR cabinet from Ikea {the same one I bought for my TV}, seems to be one of the latest pieces launched by the swedish company, that best lends itself to being hacked. The simple shape and the ba

8 Ikea IVAR hacks (IDA Interior LifeStyle)

Ivar med färg

IVAR- storage you can customize. Design your own combination to fit your own space. With shelves, drawers and cabinets made of durable, unfinished, solid pine, you can paint or stain it too.

IKEA's IVAR cabinets are the base for this kitchen hack via @megangilger

IVAR cabinet white (painted white) - 5 different IVAR IKEA hacks!- maybe for a trashcan cabinet.

Painted Ikea 'Ivar' cabinets

Painted Ikea 'Ivar' cabinets, dark grey wall color, scandinavian modern home interior design

Ikeas Ivar med hjul

Put Some Paint On It

#InstaFav: 20 best IKEA hacks on Instagram - IKEA Hackers - IKEA Hackers

#InstaFav: 20 best IKEA hacks on Instagram

Det är många av er som frågat om skåpet som jag ”mekade” ihop från IKEA, Ivar som det heter, så det tänkte berätta lite om. Jag köpte alltså två stycken Ivar-skåp o…


2 shallow Ikea Ivar cabinets combined and painted, supported by 6 (spray painted) Ikea Capita legs.

Stilsäker förvaring ton-i-ton More

Stilsäker förvaring ton-i-ton (IKEA Sverige - Livet Hemma)

You will not believe that this was a plain old Ikea Ivar!

Can you believe this used to be a simple Ikea Ivar cabinet!

An easy Ikea Ivar Cabinet makeover takes the plain cabinet to a whole new level by adding some new details, paint and new pulls.

idainteriorlifestyle - pretty Pegs for my new tv cabinet

Pretty Pegs for my new tv cabinet

Looking for an easy way to navigate the Ikea Ivar System? Check out my Ikea Cheat Sheet to find the right dimensions and cost for your space.

Ikea Hack Ivar

Ikea hacking : 17 idées pour customiser le caisson Ivar