A great way for children to watch a seed grow. Lots of other child-friendly gardening ideas, too.

Fun Classroom Activities and Experiments to Interest Kids in Growing Plants

A great way for kids to watch a seed grow. Lots of other kid-friendly gardening ideas, too. A great way for kids to watch a seed grow. Lots of other…

make crafts from nature

Make an owl mask and make bugs from items found on a nature hike. craft for Apologia Flying Creatures. bugs crafts, easy crafts, easy crafts for kids, nature crafts, crafts from nature

Parts of a tree craft. Very cute and easy!

Tree Study activity or Earth day tree craft: cardboard TP tube, cardboard branches, cotton balls, twine, watered down green food coloring

Grow a Lima bean plant in a CD case. Then label it with a paint pen.

Great Science Idea- using old cd cases to grow beans. Then can use a sharpie or dry erase marker to label parts of the plant for older kids.

Plant Life Cycle

Plants: All About Plants- Math, Literacy, and More

Learning life cycles will help children understand their connection with their environment and interdependence within a community. (All About Plants)

great idea!

Creative Nature Display: turning the leaves into people or animals . this design would also be a cool way to display a collection from a nature walk. Interesting stick frame and the cards hanging down. Project appropriate for Apologia Botany.

Growing bean plants in CD cases. for kids - Gardener Community & Homesteading

This is a cool idea to let kids watch the bean grow in a clear CD case!anyone have a CD case anymore?

Great culminating project for your plant unit.  This would be perfect as a sunflower to tie in with the new CCSS Gr. 2 Seasons unit and Van Gogh's Sunflowers painting!

Life Cycle of Plants (20 Activities, Labs, Printables & Foldable Flower Book)

Life Cycle of Plants Activities & Foldable Flower Projects. Wonderful plant study unit for elementary age students!

Nature Journal

bunch of nice ideas--nature journal, painting with pine branch. (Rockabye Butterfly: Our Nature Journal)

abc nature walk

nature abc - go on a nature walk and create letters of the alphabet using found objects. Document through photos to create a unique class alphabet book - maybe it can be adapted to "found poetry".