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I want a fanfiction where Sirius is trapped in the afterlife but is not dead. Like, he's with James, Lily, and eventually Remus and they have to try to get him back on earth<< or he's trapped with Rose

I am a hufflepuff this is honestly not very accurate for me<-- I'm a Slytherin & this is definitely accurate for me

Watching movies with my Ravenclaw bff and Hufflepuff ex bf. He was uncharacteristically calm, At one point She however flew Across the room and into my arms, punching him in the face in the process XD >>>> XD

Andromeda to Ted every day. "Ted, dear, I've decided to cook a Julia child recipe every day this month, just to improve my skills." "Yes, that's lovely, Sweetie. Can you start with one of the desserts?"

I like the idea of slytherins in the great hall being like "I bet I can fit four slices of treacle tart in my mouth at once" and having stupid food challenges because they're ambitious like that