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Jyunpai Humdifier by Asa Hirasawa

Jyunpai Humidifier by Asa Hirasawa Japanese designer Asa Hirasawa presents the 'Jyunpai Humidifier' which features a concave surface which allows evaporating water to mist, roil, and creep over the humidifier before becoming one with the air in the room.

Baló Lamp by MOAK Studio

As well as in the aerostatic balloons, hot air flows up and allows all its majesty rise among the clouds, in BALÓ, the top part reflects all the light projected from its base to highlight its form and generate a warm and subtle atmosphere.

The bottom of the globe is covered in pumice that is rich with nutrients for your future plants and retains tons of water so you only have to water your plants every 3 weeks. This device can be used for lighting, air cleaning and air humidifying.

LADP represents Scandinavian product designers, both well known and up and coming talents. Currently LADP has contemporary award winning products and future classics .

Faye Toogood | Furniture Design

Mercury Steel, Rubber, Hand-blown and Silvered Glass 2012

humidifier.jpg (501×501)

humidifier.jpg (501×501)

Stadler Form O-021 Oskar Humidifier Black by $149.99. Operates at an extremely low noise level so it can be used almost anywhere it is needed. Features an automatic shutoff function to conserve energy when the water tank is empty. Supports exact humidification with an integrated hygrostat. Secures the very best of wellness and distributes your choice of fragrance with a built-in dispenser. The Stadler Form O-021 Oskar evaporative humidifier is ideal for...

The Stadler Form Oskar evaporative humidifier provides optimal humidity levels with minimal energy consumption.

steam_mug.jpg (600×800)

The Steam Mug is a cute little humidifier that uses up the leftover water from your drinking mug, to humidify the room. Its efficient enough to