Midsummer / Midsommar

Midsummer (Midsommar in Swedish) marks the longest day of the year and is held each year in Sweden on a Friday between the 19th and 25th June. Sweden has long dark winters so the light and warmth of summer is celebrated with excitement.
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Simple Cream Cake with Lemon Mousse, Lemon Curd, Strawberry Shortcake topped with fresh Strawberries // By: Sweden Call Me Up


a wreath made with eyelash yarn looks like fresh grass. I think its a great Easter idea :D or spring idea haha. especially with the "bare feet welcome" sign

Midsummer night picnic?

Picnic by the lake, with lanterns to illuminate your way. So Lost Lake~great romantic date idea~Yes to this~👍


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If you are looking for a way to stay hydrated and have a nice looking cocktail drink, this strawberry- Mint Infused water is a great idea. It is both refreshing and tasty at the same time

Glad midsommar!

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