"Ha en bra dag" (Swedish) "Have a nice day"

"Have a nice day" in Norwegian. It would be cool to find phrases from all different languages to display in a travel themed room

swedish colors

NOTE: Three names have changed. Gredelin (which we sometimes also called violet) has become purple. And skär has become pink.

How to Learn Swedish from Scratch (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Learn Swedish from Scratch

How to Learn Swedish from Scratch. Is it important to learn Swedish, at least the most elementary stuff, very fast? Then read ahead! Learn some basic Swedish phrases.

We Swedes love our berries!

I love Swedish berries - fresh from the forest, on cakes, with milk or cream, in preserves.Cloudberry jam is delicious!

Skolburken: Språkstimulerande material

Inspiration och gratis material för dig som arbetar i skolans värld.