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There is no direct translation for this German word "fernweh". It basically means the opposite of homesickness, a feeing that you have to leave your familiar surroundings and discover new places; the need for distance or the wish to experience something far away from home. The urge to escape from your everyday life by traveling.

"Fernweh" is a German words and there is no English translation for, so basically it means that you want to escape from home and everyday life to go traveling, which is perfect for people like me who suffer from wanderlust.

how lucky I am.

never realized how positive something that seemed so negative actually was. Id give anything to have the sadness of saying goodbye every week back in my life.

I have so many self harm scars that I'm really good hiding, and this is a really good thing to read. Because it's true. and people won't understand but its hard telling people you used to cut. that gets a worse reaction I love this


& in color - Lauren Ragan - 2008 photo Alexis Shapiro, artist Marcus Aurelias Nati : STAY GOLD TATTOO coraopolis, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania


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