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CLOSE PROTECTION COURSE 17 day intensive course teaching all qualifications required to gain your close protection license. Course also includes firearms training and full First Person On Scene qualification. Just 1499

MBTI Type Titles Makeover

And INTJ is hilarious. They are exist tho, I am surrounded by these people <-- as an intp, i can confirm this

That last one is the dead give away

INTJ love signs infographic - so true! I like the part about educating the person you love. So INTJ. I'm trying to appeal to someone's logic to get them to understand me.

My people ...

INTJ fictional characters: Snape of Harry Potter, Batman, Palpatine of Star…

INTJ Female

Welcome to the Rare Animal Exhibit! Over on your left we have an INTP Female in her natural habitat comprised of books, insomnia, and silence!

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Ever wonder what all the MBTI theory you read about online looks like with actual real life people?