Blue Polygon

Blue Polygon

Finally I'm on Dribbble too! You can get a wallpaper for free if you like this blue polygon I made some .

Fantastic Folds: Superb Paper Origami Creations by ‘Gonzalo’

Madrid-based origami enthusiast “Gonzalo” has a knack for fiddling with paper. He uses a variety of different techniques and papers to fold impressive animals, objects, and sci-fi figures designed by a number of top origami artists.

Fantastic Folds: Superb Paper Origami Creations by ‘Gonzalo’

Fantastic Folds: Superb Paper Origami Creations by Gonzalo Calvo


Rite of Spring by Brian Ziff

Generative design functions as picture catalogue concentrating on parametric architecture and generative design. Being highly picky this pic will make a very good extension. If you are intrigued also...

Like an abstracted tree providing shade. An architectural concept for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo by architect Akihisa Hirata // contemporary architecture / interior design / minimalism

all things paper: Daryl Ashton, Paper Sculpture Artist

Daryl Ashton, Paper Sculpture Artist Geometric is a free standing design made of sixteen polygons. The shapes cast shadows, giving the white-on-white sculpture shades of gray as well.

Generative design functions as visual recource focusing on parametric design and generative design. Due to its natural elegance I have decided I would add this wonderful design. Also take a look at my...

Copenhagen Ceramics, that we introduced a while ago, is presenting a new exhibition called Geometrical Evolution starting March The exhibition will show new work by Karen Bennicke and Steen Ipsen. Geometrical Evolution ends on March

Featured Shop: Wintercroft | The Etsy Blog

Featured Shop: Wintercroft


Rite of Spring by Brian Ziff

Polish artist Mat Szulik imagined a series of digital and geometric creations representing countries and cities served by Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi, an ad campai