Gör egna krukor - Trädgårdsdesign Trädgårdsarkitekt i Göteborg, Mölndal, Kungsbacka med omnejd. TIMJAN PIONER

Clever idea: planters from pavers. have you priced large planters lately? i'm picturing a mosaic or pretty stain on these.you could use the mosaic tiles from lowes or homedepot.

Här projekteras för fullt.... I förra inlägget nämnde jag att jag håller på att fylla på växter i en ny rabatt. Hur det såg ut innan jag bör...

Meandering path and hanging lanterns with a perfect use of pea gravel and tumbled river rock.

Love the stone path on top of the gravel! Also love that the path leads to a comfy chair in a little hideaway :-)

Good idea for a path from the front driveway by the garden across the side yard to the back next to the fence to continue along the fence and along the perimeter of the yard.

Vår trädgård idag… | Simplicity

Vår trädgård idag…

Pretty airy Perovskia (Russian sage) and grasses softening the edges of a cobble path. A very relaxed and natural front garden.