Elsa Beskow, gardening

Watering the garden ~ Elsa Beskow

Elsa Beskow (Swedish, 1874–1953) ~ 'The Star Boys'

Elsa Beskow (Swedish, - The Star Boys - one of them walks right at the back of all the Santa Lucia girls.

Elsa Beskows blomsteralfabet

Elsa Beskows blomsteralfabet More Mais

Elsa Beskow

Ollie's Ski Trip by Elsa Beskow

September - Elsa Beskow

Set of 12 new single postcards by Elsa Beskow, 12 months, cute

December Elsa Beskow

December Elsa Beskow

Månadsbild med klassiskt Elsa Beskow motiv December

Old Swedish Christmas.

November ~ Elsa Beskow ~ Amazing illustrator & children's book author

November - Elsa Beskow - I'm stuck with November being at the end of Autumn but also at the beginning of Winter!

Elsa Beslow, Weer een nieuw jaar met hopenlijk veel mooie en leuke gebeurtenissen!

See scan. cm x cm I always combine shipping. If buying multiple items, wait for invoice. I offer registrated mail to worldwide, please ask for costs. I will send my items using collectable commemorative stamps of Estonia.

B-björn och N-nypon

Elsa Beskow - B-björn och N-nypon

February - Elsa Beskow

postcard - i mesi dell'anno - k.

Elsa Beskow : P-prins och G-gumma - P Prince Pears G Goose and Grandmother

Elsa Beskow : P-prins och G-gumma - P Prince Pears G Goose and Grandmother

Oktober door Elsa Beskow

October Leaves by Elsa Beskow. love any books (or print) by Elsa Beskow

July by Elsa Beskow

July by Elsa Beskow - Swedish vintage postcard.

ELSA BESKOW, "T-tomte och Å-åsna". Watercolour and ink 22 x 15 cm. From "Vill du läsa I", pag.... - The Spring Classic Sale, Stockholm 562 – Bukowskis

T-tomte och Å-åsna Elsa Beskow

Elsa Beskow

A Scandinavian Winter. By artist,Elsa Beskow