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DIY - Natural Swimming Pools

Natural Swimming Pools

This is one of those things on my bucket list that I absolutely want to make happen whenever we have a property with enough room for it. I grew up having a traditional in-ground pool in our backyard and we loved it. But I will take swimming in a natural body of water any day over what we had. This is the best of both worlds! I have compiled a couple ideas here on this page I hope you'll enjoy and these photos/video get your wheels turning. Lot's of other great ideas here on this pinterest…

HOW TO: build a natural sustainable pool

Build Your Own Natural Swimming Hole

These beautiful pools are low-tech, easy to maintain and best of all, only need to be filled once.

Natural Pool.

building a new Natural Pool

Natural Pools

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natural pool

natural pool

love the stepping stones. Natural pool dreaming.

enchanted garden

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DIY Swimming Pool |

A DIY Swimming Pool

Here are several methods to create a diy swimming pool.There is nothing greater than relaxing in a pool or pond after a hard days work. Well nothing

Natural Swimming Pond Designs...

Gartenart | Portfolio

Gartenart Swimming Ponds | Portfolio

19 Incredible natural swimming pools

19 Absolutely incredible natural swimming pool ideas

Have a look at some amazing ideas and inspiration on how to create a natural swimming pool in your own backyard.

Shell only $ 2700, bioniser filtration system ( no chemicals)$1700, interior pool finish around $ 1800. Sitting it on a existing concrete slab with 75 mm of gravel underneath

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Natural Pool

Natural Pool

Natural Pool

Natural Pool

Australian Plunge Pool in QLD

A shop in Auchenflower

Damn near perfect.

Vos magnifiques piscines

Naturelles, à débordement, hors-sol... Les piscines ont le vent en poupe. Voici ces coins d'eau qui font votre bonheur.

In-ground livestock tank pool idea.

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Perhaps you are lucky enough to have your own swimming pool, and you're already cooling off from the summer heat in a cacophony of splashes and laughter. If not, no fear. We've rounded up 10 DIY pools, from the crazy simple (hello, tub of water) to the wildest hand-built pools you can imagine (dumpster pool or garage pool anyone?) with links on how to make these pools yourself. Check them out and get inspired to create your own DIY pool this summer.