Saul Bass (1920-1996) is one of the most iconic and influential visual…

The 11 Best Art and Design Books of 2011

"Vertigo" Movie Poster designed by Saul Bass. Opening credits for "Vertigo" Movie animated by Saul Bass.

Korben Dallas: What's your name?   Leeloo: Leeloo Minai Lekarariba-Laminai-Tchai…

Gallery Books to publish an investigative book about Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina

Milla Jovovich had bit parts in films including "Dazed and Confused" before she landed the lead role of Leeloo in "The Fifth Element.

That moment before the jump...  Milla Jovovich as Leeloo in the Fifth Element

Weird Sci Fi Fashion & Glamour

Mila Jovovich as "Leeloo" (Leeloominaï Lekatariba Lamina-Tchaï Ekbat De Sebat) in "The Fifth Element" English-language French science fiction film directed, co-written, and based on a story by Luc Besson.

Máfia Milla Jovovich

Máfia Milla Jovovich