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for those who are sick or facing illness. for those entering into or recovering from treatment. for those who ever have received the bad news, and came out the other side. for those who love them. for myself, both times, all times. "illness: things i have learned in its shadow, and the morning after, when light breaks through the window blinds" 1. there is this kind of reclaimed clarity that can come. like maybe i had forgotten, and now i'm remembering. i know who...

snow beauty winter cold Black and White beautiful white vintage trees black mirror dark nature travel forest retro escape free darkness wild fade deer fog Dawn haze tall antlers dusk hazy

Fantastic.. | Photo by @natezemanphoto (© Nate Zeman) #Destination_wild

GayPrince: *voice goes Australian and I pull out a camera* And here is a rare moose in its natural habitat. maybe we'll see his brother, Squirrel, too (I hope the SPN fandom gets this lmao)