Noak Garberg

Noak Garberg

Noak Garberg
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Photography / emmett-3

ARTFINDER: CONDENSE by Matt Emmett - A moss covered riser pipe opens onto the upper platform inside a vast decommissioned cooling tower, almost an alien landscape. Strange acoustics and unsettli.

mark lovejoy

these otherworldly photographs of paint by texas-based artist mark lovejoy seem to be some molten material from a candy factory.

matthias heiderich

Reflexionen Eins series by Matthias Heiderich

stefan aaron 'orange piano tour'

German pianist Stefan Aaron hovers about the Munich airport Franz-Josef-Strauss, southern Germany, on July An aluminum structure is reminiscent of a flying carpet and attached to a helicopter. This is the appearance on his « Orange Piano Tour

tatsuo suzuki

Black & White Photography of Tokyo