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What happens if you mix one part True Blood and one part Six Feet Under? Say hello to True Detective

True Blood + Six feet under = True Detective?

Little Miss Greendale

In which the Study Group helps Dean Pelton get in time to the Little Miss Gleendale pageant. A world where the 7 learn to support Dean instead of mocking him.

Patriotism at it's finest. #Community #DeanPelton

I love Dean Pelton. Patriotism at it's finest.

The 101 Best Pieces Of "Community" Fan Art

The 101 Best Pieces Of "Community" Fan Art

Dean Pelton - he has to go to the bank today, what will they think? #Community

I have to go to the bank today. What am I supposed to tell people in line? I had good news and bad news? Get your life together.