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Lawns are a soul-crushing timesuck and most of us would be better off without them

If your client is a baseball lover or a fan of distinction, offering lawn striping is one way to help their yard stand out with a little extra refinement.

The way the lining shows through. | 50 Gorgeous Wedding Dress Details That Are Utterly To Die For

So, we all remember Gwen Stephani’s ombre wedding gown way back when, what DID you think about it? Well, ombre is back! And in so many ways, options and ideas seem to be endless! Here are some of our favorites: Love this wedding dress on.


In this post we want to tell you about the Audrey hepburn style wedding dresses. See photos of Audrey hepburn style wedding dresses, leave your comments and share them with friends.

Oxalis plant | triangle leaf

Oxalis ~ Great plant and easy to take care of; it also blooms. You can purchase a purple leaf, green leaf, pink flower variety or a white flower variety. ~ One of my favorites. The leaves add a nice bright tang to salads! Just as the wild ones do ;