Free Missing numbers 1-50 freebie - worksheets

Free Missing numbers freebie - worksheets (can use dot stickers with handwritten numbers for younger children)

Students fill in the rays sharing math-related facts about themselves. For more information and samples, see this post - SEE ALSO: - Math about Me 2 - with "My Postal Code" - Math about Me 3 - with "My Bedtime"

Math about Me - first day of school activity- mathematical spin on getting to know our students. Could then have them find others with the same numbers. use this for grouping strategy?

Free Fraction Puzzles!

Fraction Puzzles {FREE Download!}

Math puzzles are a fun way to practice tricky math concepts. Here are 2 math puzzles for kids that work on basic fraction concepts.

Add or subtract?  Students need to figure it out!  FREEBIE!

I like this idea and believe I could modify it for my seventh graders learning to add and subtract integers

Inspired-in-Second Shop - | Teachers Notebook - Addition on a Number Line

Students will learn how to Add on a Number line. This worksheet assess students ability to use a number line to help them add numbers together. This worksheet addresses the standard adding and subtracting within