Visby, Gotland..miss the evenings here..

to visit a place where colourful cushions are left on street benches so you are always comfortable what a woolly gesture to do Visby, Gotland island, Sweden Color cushion.

Holmhällar, Gotland, Sweden

Gotland, SWEDEN 🇸🇪 the incredible wonders of Holmhällar, a quaint nature preserve located in the island's southern region.

Visby, Gotland Island, Sweden

This photo from Gotland, Gotaland is titled 'Three rams at Stora Torget, Visby'.

Leva Kungslador - Visby, Gotland, Sweden @Ciara O'Flanagan

this is from a very interesting, beautiful shop/cafe/bakery/concert venue in stockholm. i love the yellow cabinet.

Medieval Cities (Sweden). 'It’s hard to overstate the beauty of the Hanseatic port town of Visby, in itself justification for making the quick ferry trip to Gotland. The city walls, with 40-plus towers and the spectacular church ruins within, are a travel photographer’s dream, and make an ideal scenic stroll. The city is also a food-lover’s heaven, packed with top-notch restaurants accustomed to impressing discriminating diners.'

The park Almedalen just outside the city-wall of Visby, Gotland, Sweden.

Visby in Sweden


Clouds over Gotland

Clouds over Gotland

Gott Nytt år! | Kränku Te & Kaffe

Gott Nytt år! | Kränku Te & Kaffe

Visby Harbour, Gotland, #Sweden

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