Stunning view

Traditional porch by Whitten Architects in a lakefront cabin in Portland, Maine-great view!

Taking Green living to a whole new level.

Just the ticket for popping the question: The tree-lined romantic 'tunnel of love' railway line that's so beautiful it's beyond be-leaf (just watch out for the train)

Dubai’s Underwater Hotel

Dubai's Underwater Hotel

Another innovation came to Dubai. This time Deep Ocean Technology designed Water Discus Hotel that will be constructed in Dubai shortly. "Water Discus Hotels comprise two discs -

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Australian architect Andrew Maynard completed the design for a modern home extension, entitled Hill House and located near Melbourne. The project sits on an artificial hill and was built for a family of five. Here is more from the architects: “Melbourne

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A Swedish Cottage all in white so pure, fresh and serene. Contemporary styling at its best. Image and source via Shabby and Charme Related