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1808 Félicité-Louise-Julie-Constance de Durfort, Maréchale de Beurnonville by Merry-Joseph Blondel (auctioned)

Merry-Joseph Blondel - Felicite-Louise-Julie-Constance de Durfort - Empire silhouette - Wikipedia French lady in the style was often accompanied by a shawl or similar wrap, or a short "Spencer" jacket, as the dresses were light and left much uncovered

1806-1807 Karoline Bade  Caroline has adopted the Empire style with a wide lace ruff, a square bodice, and puffed sleeves. She wears a stylish cameo tiara.

Caroline of Baden, Queen of Bavaria Jul 1776 - 13 Nov - She was the eldest child of Charles Louis, Hereditary Prince of Baden and Amalie of Hesse-Darmstadt. She had a twin sister, Katharina. She married King Maximilian I Joseph.