Christmas table. Come on, where's your Christmas Spirit?! No Bahumbugs allowed! :D

Top 10 Inspirational Ideas for Christmas Dinner Table

beautiful window arrangement <3

Christmas time is coming and the best way to conjure the holiday spirit is to take care of beautiful Christmas window decorations. The practice of making up special decorations at Christmas has a long history.

Cookie cutter napkin holders @Beth J Klosinski... any chance you could use this idea for your table?

Cookie cutter napkin holders ~ this picture isn't very colorful, but the idea is pretty neat. Use the cutters for napkin rings. and then let your guests keep the cutter as a favor?

Make some easy Christmas wreaths for your kitchen window with this tutorial by Martha Stewart.

Decorate your kitchen for Christmas

Embroidery hoop wreaths -- Easy Christmas Wreaths - Martha Stewart Christmas (I also have this pinned under 'inspiring Scandinavian Christmas' ideas, but there's no source link)

Tea light holders using an inverted wine glass. Decorate the underside with beautiful greenery and berries.

Love the upturned wine glass with tea light candles and trapped florwers for a center piece