VITA EOS, warm licht in een licht huis www.

Eos xlarge + Eos

(Although what I really want is a house with big enough rooms that this wouldn't seem outrageously over the top.) Aurora Vita Eos Feather Pendant Shades in White. Mini is XL is

Hidden bedroom - via Coco Lapine Design

A breezy white bedroom hidden behind a curtain in a 58 sq. m apartment in Göteborg, Sweden. Great idea for creating a separate sleeping space in a one-room apartment or an extra bedroom anywhere in the house.

Eos lightbrown

Aurora Feather Pendant Shades in Light Brown - New In - Lighting Accessories - Lighting & Mirrors

Eos large

Elegant Eos is made from authentic goose feathers, each carefully positioned on a paper core by hand. Wouldn't you just love to get your hands on one of these?

Eos mini

Danish VITA Eos Mini is made from all natural goose feathers, making all the Eos shades natural and one of a kind. Eos gives a soft light and it has a beautiful m

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