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everything-creative: “ STYGN Pall & Bänk, bench and stool by Grimbergs Grimbergs is a Cabinetmaker/Woodworker located in south Sweden. STYGN ( Swedish for stitches) is a wooden bench and a stool, that has a wool made pad stitched on top of it.

Boråstapeter Linen – linnekänsla på väggen

Boråstapeter Linen – linnekänsla på väggen (Husligheter)

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Skandinavisk stil | Simplicity

Skandinavisk stil

seventeendoors: arkitektparets renovering

Plank floor White washed scandinavian hallway- apparently a hallway HAS to include Hunters. why are there hunters in all the hallway photos lol

Poème d´amour

Poème d´amour 1761 - Scandinavian Designers II - Boråstapeter


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