ett la benn: Using Cellulose (plant material waste) and turning it into amazing bowls, light shades etc.

Beautiful lights made by Oliver Bischoff and Danilo Durler who are Ett la Benn (Berlin) - Technique of air drying cellulose (Diy Art Large)


Home Decorating Ideas Bathroom Concrete cloud shaped toilet paper holder. Like a cloud! Home Decorating Ideas Bathroom Source : Concrete cloud shaped toilet paper holder. Like a cloud!

Resurfacing the table top with concrete CHEAP IDEA!

DIY Concrete Table

balloon molded container/bowls of cement. Lightly pack wet cement over balloons; let set, but not dry, then shift them so that they do not stick to ballon. After dry, deflate balloons. Paint inside.

43 DIY concrete crafts - Hand Blown Concrete Bowls- Cheap and creative projects and tutorials for countertops and ideas for floors, patio and…

Concrete makes a great material for an outdoor table. Learn how to make your own DIY concrete table. Visit

Casa nel Bosco di Ulivi was completed in 2011 by the Bologna based architect Luca Zanaroli. The name translates as 'House in the Olive Grove'.