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Intermediate Emotions Thermometer

First grade fractions - equal and unequal parts to figure out if the shapes have equal shares

Card sorting game for finding equal halves with free printable (shown)

This is so helpful for kids to be able to do this on their own!

This is a worksheet that can be used to begin a first grade unit on fractions.

**FREE** Shape Equal Parts Worksheet Worksheet. Practice identifying shape parts and sizes with this printable math worksheet.

Yet again - a wonderfully delightful iPad lesson from @Matt Gomez - teaching equal parts with Felt Board and Draw & Tell app

A line of symmetry cuts a shape in half so that the two sides are mirror images of each other. In this math worksheet, your child will have to complete the drawing on the other side of the line of symmetry.

Practicing half of fourth of third of and eighth of and other fun fraction concepts with hands on activities