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*screams* I'm fine, I'm chill let me just *screams louder* I'm not okay right now

*screams* I'm fine, I'm chill let me just *walks by vase drops it, open door* *screams again* *closes door* Mom:.: << this phandom is getting so obvious with our editing i swear😂

they have so many cute moments it's hard to choose my favorite ones, but this is definitely on the top 10

I just think it's because Phil is looking at Dan so obviously that's what he'd say. Brotp goals forever>> Fuck Brotp that's fucking straight up OTP!

The look of fear in phils eyes in the second one omg

Was the one one with Phil through the glass door<< and now they have a sneak shot competition

So cute

Phil voiced The Emo Goose in Crossy Road, that's the inside joke.

They look so married jfc

Hey sorry for not posting so much because my wifi is shit. Well today is my birthday!