Vivia Red

Vivia Red

Stockholm, Sweden / Knitting, crocheting, baking, make-up and cooking are my main interests.
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Parvavis chuxiongensis by on @DeviantArt

Aurornis xui by on @DeviantArt

Cathayornis yandica by on @DeviantArt

Weird Backs Month #28 – Deinocheirus For almost 50 years Deinocheirus was known only from a pair of huge arms and a few small associated fragments from the Late Cretaceous of Mongolia (~70 mya). At...

Troodon studies from my sketchbook

Cladogram of several notable clades within Diapsida for quick identification. Updates log can be seen on the original post on tumblr.

This question is actually surprisingly complicated and depends on what, exactly, you think makes a bird a bird.

A Tsaagan and her ducklings, with colouration heavily based on emus for some reason

In 2015, Lida Xing was visiting a market in northern Myanmar when a salesman brought out a piece of amber about the size of a pink rubber eraser. Inside, he could see a couple of ancient ants and a...

Therizinosaurus by Finward