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Tiger Tattoo Photo: This Photo was uploaded by Ninzabebba. Find other Tiger Tattoo pictures and photos or upload your own with Photobucket free image an.

beautiful-wildlife: Alpha Wolf

beautiful-wildlife: “Alpha Wolf by Jaroslaw M.

The Beauty of Wildlife

Park Omega In Montebello By TotalPhoto by TotalPhoto (Leon)** grey wolves, wolf, wolves

Beautiful Wolf with white eyes

Light blonde wolf with cream markings

The wolf doesn't see the viscous predator. He only sees the innocent being.

This must be a guy wolf because he looks so confused.

Eurasian Grey Wolf ~ 'Hunger is stronger than fear' by Foto Foosa*

Eurasian Grey Wolf carefully approaching searching for a scent trail. Please use the 'M' Key to maximize the picture for the best viewing experience!

Female Gray Wolf, Alaska by © Doug Lindstrand

beautiful-wildlife: “Female Gray Wolf, Alaska by © Doug Lindstrand ”

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Grey's a little darker than this but as he ages, he might look like this.

Canadian Timber Wolf by Rudy in Ottawa*. (KO) Note the lowered head and back away. Not looking for trouble but go away, human.