Hängande spöke

This great room decoration in the form of a large white horror shape the ghost or Halloween party a success. Ceiling decoration in the form of a mind with spiral end.

Pumpkin Memory Game

28 Halloween Games for a Spooky (and Silly!) Party

10 OG Halloween Hacks for Last-Minute Decorating on Pinterest

10 OG Halloween Hacks for Last-Minute Decorating on Pinterest

Googly Eyes Halloween Wreath made from ping pong balls. This would be great combined with other Halloween decorations instead of jet the ping pong balls

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Simple idea for Halloween 'Mummy' Jars - old jars, covered in medical gauze/bandages with googly eyes. from Daily Savings (",)

Healthy. Halloween.

Halloween Party Ideas

Healthy Halloween kid snack idea - great for school parties or kids lunch box. Ghost bananas and orange pumpkins

I Heart Crafty Things paper plate spider craft

I HEART CRAFTY THINGS: Paper Plate Spiders Maybe put something inside the spiders so they make noise for some extra spooky fun.

En mammas dag - - Weronica

Fun Halloween Balloons Halloween Chocolate Pretzel Stick Spiderwebs Instead of raisins I would do chocolate chips!