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A program focused on local crowd movements and innovative businesses for the common good on the cusp … via @crowdweek
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Kaj Embrén on

RT @kajembren: House jumping dinner in Voullerim - concept to get a new guest to the family #CSWArcticCircle

Audun Otterbech on

@AlexBudak Media about #CSWArcticCircle #Vuollerim @laplandvlm @ContChange

The Impact Journey 2015 - The Value of Meaning - YouTube

New blogpost from CSW Summit Arctic Circle. Don't miss out on their Crowdchatt for Good today!

Vuollerim has found efficient, community creating ways to form a fluid nest of businesses and cooperatives that enable them to survive as a community in a harsh environment when the major employer left. The resilience of their economic ecosystem is beyond anything I have seen. We’ve featured them at several of our conferences; they do so many deep things right that people who want to live in a collaborative economy need to know about.

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Audun Otterbech on

World a better place! Cool teaming with you, Epi, Janice, @CrowdWeek and all others for #CSWArcticCircle @laplandvlm

Crowd Expedition - YouTube

Crowd Expedition - YouTube

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