Removing Rust from Found Objects without Scrubbing | Hawk Hill

A natural solution of citric acid mixed with VERY HOT water removed rust from metal tools and other objects without scrubbing.


Mesa rebatible - - Il Tavolo Mastro / Studio Gumdesign Масштабировать Фото This is such a cool idea. Can't manufacture a metal top but could it be adapted to wood top with metal chanel to slide legs into? hmm something to muse

Betong dörrstoppar

HOMEmade MAKEOVERS: Concrete Door Stoppers Tutorial SUPPLIES: Here is what you need for this project: 1 meter of rope or very thick twine galvanized coupler x 2 tape moulds: milk or juice box + one round plastic container concrete mix of your own choice


Cut out the side of a milk jug to create a paint holder with a built-in handle and brush-holder. Great idea for trim painting or picking up the spots you've missed!

Cocoa leather/Brass Loop handle - Superfront

The Loop is mm thick and the leather is untreated so the light colours will darken and age beautifully. This will also occur if you apply protective oil or wax. Choose between brass or copper rivets.

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