Removing Rust from Found Objects without Scrubbing | Hawk Hill

remove rust from metal tools and found objects without scrubbing witha soak in this natural solution- good to know for horseshoe projects


Oh those crazy display designers! LOVE the flat, space saving design! flat pack table for Art and Craft Show Display

Betong dörrstoppar

HOMEmade MAKEOVERS: Concrete Door Stoppers Tutorial SUPPLIES: Here is what you need for this project: 1 meter of rope or very thick twine galvanized coupler x 2 tape moulds: milk or juice box + one round plastic container concrete mix of your own choice


Cut out the side of a milk jug to create a paint holder with a built-in handle and brush-holder. Great idea for trim painting or picking up the spots you've missed!

Cocoa leather/Brass Loop handle - Superfront

superfront cocoa leather & brass - Replace drawer handles on Kallax unit. brown leather & brass will warm the white units up. Add some baskets and some greenery and this becomes a white/ off white, brown, green, grey room.

Bildresultat för armeringsnät hall

Bildresultat för armeringsnät hall