Wendela Dryler

Wendela Dryler

Wendela Dryler
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Blue Denim Shorts and Animal print sweater

Love the tiger jumper and shorts combo, bringing it up to date with quirky tights. However, if you can see your pockets hanging out of your shorts then you know they're just TOO short.

They call me redhead.

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"oh my god people. stop calling this "grunge". Grunge is mainly a type of music. This style is not even close LOL but its cute" really? Grunge isn't just a type of music it's a style! I really like this outfit :)

l i g h t s

Adorable thin metal heart silhouette frame that is sure to win over hearts on all your sunny days! Made with a metal based frame, metal hinges, and polycarbonate UV protected lenses.

Outfit inspiration

In the the grunge look was very "in" and so were short jackets that hugged the body. Leather become a very popular fabric, but most girls went for imitation leather instead of the real thing. Another big fashion trend among girls was the petticoat dress.