Attic book shelf; You could never do this with Kindles. Books as decorations. The a-frame is accentuated and the French doors open the space and make it one.

This bookshelf wall is the dream of every bookworm. How else will you store all your books in your dream home or interior? I always love when bookshelves go over a doorpost and all the way to the ceiling.

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Cute, unconvention book storage :D Takara Column Shelf Small by Design Ideas

Impresionante librería de doble uso: almacenaje y archivo de libros, además de decorativo

Tree book case - that's awesome. Doesn't hold too many books, but still awesome.

Escaleras con capacidad de almacenaje | Decoratrix | Decoración, diseño e interiorismo

Modern Japanese home with beautiful, continuous, wooden staircase designed by Tokyo architect Akihisa Hirata.

estantería en forma de árbol tutorial:

Tree book shelves -- great for kids room. Enticement to read. I'd like to see it made with darker wood or painted a rich brown color and placed in a living room. Also, this is full like a summer tree, I'd keep it more like late autumn with fewer displays.

Las 10 baldas y #estanterias más originales. #decoracion #sarzenadecoracion

Astonishing Equilibrium Bookcase by Malagana Design - Furniture Design Ideas - Interior Design Ideas

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