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Negativity is the positivity to our responsibility which will effect our acceptability and adaptability to the fact we all held in captivity of society

20 Inspiring Eye Quotes

20 Inspiring Eye Quotes

If you can be positive through your eyes then whole life can mean so much more . Here are some good inspiring quotes about eye

Being a dick won't make yours any bigger.

50 Comebacks Will Leave Them SPEECHLESS (& And Make YOU Laugh)

Narcissism- Finding humor again after loving a Narcissist - Being a dick won't make yours any bigger.

Deep life quotes about being sensitive and caring too much

30 Quotes You'll Only Understand If No One Understands You


It’s the pain of losing them. The pain of watching them love someone else. The pain of realising you’ll never be together. There’s something so awful in the realisation that you’re never going to have.

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